Stand Alone & Self Standing Keg Racks for 1/6 Barrels

Our 1/6th barrel keg racks hold 16 or 32, 1/6th barrels and save tons of floor space, keeping you organized and safe from personal injury

Stand alone keg racks can be a life saver for your business, and our 1/6th (sixth) barrel, self standing units are a simple and cost effective way to solve lots of challenges your operation faces with organization, floor space, and most of all, risk to personnel.  From bars, pubs and restaurants, to hotel beverage distribution, to events, stadiums, and everything in between, everyone is looking for inexpensive ways to store their kegs in small environments. We have all seen it, piles of round objects rolling around the floor, or worse yet, someone stacking them with heavy objects on each side of a stack of kegs to get them off the floor. Talk about a liability risk, this is a sure way to be one crushed digit away from an expensive lawsuit. Mitigate that risk, and defend yourself by providing your beverage room and storage facility with affordable stand-alone keg racking. We provide units to hold both 16 and 32 kegs in both 1/6th barrels and 1/2 kegs. Get those kegs and barrels off the floor and keep your staff safe and healthy.

Custom Keg Racks for 1/6th  (sixth) Barrel, 1/2 Kegs, or a Combination of Both

We understand that you may have a need different than to hold 16 or 32 1/6th barrels or 1/2 kegs. Maybe you need an odd size or more or less units, we can custom design and build any keg storage rack to your specification.  In fact we can do a combination rack that would allow you to mix sizes and quantities to match your establishments needs.

Mobile Keg Racks

Still limited on space, no problem, we can build custom keg racks that are mobile so you can stand them side by side, or row after row. When you need to gain access, just roll the front keg rack out, change out the barrel or keg, and roll the front rack back into place.

Kegs Visible in Your Restaurant, Bar or Pub, Our Stand Alone Keg Racks Can be Highly Customized

Branded keg racks in all shapes and sizes! We understand that many of todays eateries and pubs utilize an open environment to engage their patrons. Perhaps your kegs are visible to the customers and you want to ensure your sending the right message while they are having a great time. We can custom brand your racks with custom colors, branded logo plates and other modifications to make your keg storage stand out in the crowd. How about the Salty Sea Dog Brewery utilizing a fixed anodized anchor and chain as hold down embellishment for their visible keg racks. Professional sports team? No problem, Celtics Green and Dallas Blue and Silver can be applied to enhance the experience of both staff and fans!

Mitigate the Risk of Harm to Staff Members

There is no doubt about it, when you take shortcuts with your keg storage you are just one incident away from wishing you had done something different. One event exposure could be worth millions in damages, and huge increases to liability and workers comp premiums, or even worse, additional litigation. Half of the battle comes down to proving you did what was reasonable to ensure injury would not happen, it’s all in the intent to provide safety. If you could purchase a safe and reliable method of storing your kegs and barrels in a stand-alone format that would organize your work and storage space, all while protecting your employees from injury, and the organization from legal risk, why would you not do so. The cost of mitigating the potential issues down the road, is downright negligible today. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, call 1-Stop and get setup with great quality stand alone keg racking for both your 1/6th (sixth) barrel or 1/2 keg racking today.

Kegavator, for Those That Need to Truck Kegs and Barrels

Sometimes your operation requires the movement and transportation of kegs and barrels between locations, beverage distributors warehousing, multi-location event venues, etc. For those needing to rise to that challenge, we can take your mobile keg racking to a whole new level. Our Kegavator line is great for not only the warehouse, but for installation into trucks for ease of use.

The Levelizer Kegavator™ facilitates unloading more safely than the traditional, brute force method. The patent pending Levelizer™ Technology gradually lowers the keg from the delivery truck making the entire process seamless, quick and easy for the driver. Operators will no longer need to worry about how many Keg Shuffles their day holds!


Safety –  Potential Reduction in Workers’ Compensation. The Kegavator™ can help save companies a significant amount of money per year on workers’ compensation claims due to a huge reduction of repetitive motion injuries in the neck and back. Drivers will no longer be manipulating nearly as many loads, which will translate to less keg related injuries.

Selectivity – Eliminates the need for the Keg Shuffle. Select different kegs easily with eight possible brands that are clearly visible (as opposed to four) without having to move the other in order to retrieve the keg of choice.

Flexibility – Easily fits into most beverage trucks and is designed to fit any delivery truck in your fleet.

Productivity – Less fatigue by using proper ergonomic techniques. A driver who expends less energy at the end of the day is safer, happier and more productive; which in turn, promotes a more positive working environment.

Reduce Damage – With the Kegavator™ technology, workers are far less likely to drop or damage kegs as compared to the traditional methods for unloading kegs.

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Handle your 1/6th barrel and 1/2 kegs with ease by calling 1-Stop for your stand alone, self-standing keg racking solution!

Stand Alone Keg Racks allow you to maximize storage space without having to add space, or risk injury to staff. Let 1-Stop Rack Services help assist you in designing, installing, and supplying a keg racking system that will enhance your efficiency and provide faster efficiency and better safety in your keg cooler! Our vast experience in the hospitality and beverage industry makes our team best equipped to solve poor space utilization by providing the most proficient keg rack storage systems customized to meet all of your needs.  Get in touch with us today at 800-640-5723!