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Sales Team Meeting in Florida

Peter Murphy CEO and his team at I Stop Material Handling Inc were celebrating and their annual Sales meeting at the exclusive Concessions private golf resort in Bradenton FL. What a great place to have a sales meeting, great facilities to host our meeting without interruptions. This was a thank you to all the team for their hard work and results for 2014. We spend a 2 days planning and discussing 2015 and what changes we can make to enhance....  Read More

20,000 SF Roof Lift Project

Building expansion achieved by moving up instead of out Alberto-Culver successfully transforms 37,000 sf of single-story warehouse space into nearly 100,000 sf of new three-story sf office space, laboratories and testing facilities. Alberto-Culver needed additional space for both offices and laboratories. They began the process by successfully transforming a single-story, 17,000 square foot warehouse into a two-story, 34,000 square foot structure. The roof-raising enabled the addition of a steel and concrete mezzanine to accommodate both administrative and production functions. The....  Read More

Warehouse Racking

Narrow Aisle

Warehouse Racking - the often overlooked system that determines the efficient and effective use of the space you pay for It is not uncommon to find that warehouse racking is often the afterthought when long term planning is done, yet your warehouse racking remain a crucial element in terms of overall logistical performance. Goods are manufactured, received, processed, packed and shipped - factors such as Just in time manufacturing, FIFO, LIFO - pallet pick, case pick, number of items, access....  Read More

Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile Racking Systems are your solution if you seek the largest possible number of pallets storage locations on your footprint, the most economic storage method is the 1Stop Mobile Racking systems – comprising of single or multi-bay racking mounted on mobile stands. Equipped with motors the racking can then be moved via rail guidance to allow access to every pallet slot whilst utilizing 85% of your available space. The 1Stop Mobile system maximize space by leaving only one open aisle for....  Read More

Rack Supported Structures

When you think of pallet rack, the image that initially jumps to mind is that of free standing racking systems within a conventional steel framed warehouse building. You can see the racks reaching almost to your warehouse ceiling with your goods and supplies neatly organized in row after row. While this is the most common utilization for storage racking, in some instances it is far superior to have your rack built right into the structure of your facility. Rack supported....  Read More