Kegavator How it Works

The Kegavator™

Is a revolutionary keg delivery system that will completely change the way your organization delivers beer.
With no electric, hydraulics, or air the Kegavator™ ergonomically assists your delivery drivers select and remove kegs from the truck. Constant Force Springs make it possible for the Kegavator™ to be a completely Green Solution.

Constant force coil springs allow the shelf to move up or down easily. If one of these springs were to fail with the shelf in the closed position, moving the shelf up would be much harder. It would still come down yet not free fall. With the shelf open (even with a keg on it), the brake and lock would act as a safety and second set of die springs would not allow for the shelf to free fall.

Die springs are located on each side of the shelf. These springs are used in the Auto Stamping and are good for over 1 million cycles in much tougher applications. Additionally there are 2 springs in each location redundancy.