Kegavator Model 12 Keg Unit

Model: KEG-60-012

The Kegavator Model 12 Keg Unit facilitates unloading more safely than the traditional brute force method.

The Patent Pending Levelizer Kegavator gradually lowers the keg from the delivery truck making the entire process, seamless, quick and easy for the driver

 Technical Features

  • Holds up to 12 Half (1/2) Barrel Kegs
  • Size 78″ H X 54″W X 38.62″ D
  • Maximum Keg Diameter must be 15.5″ in diameter
  • Complete with lowering shelf
  • Standard fork pockets
  • Approx. Weight 900 lbs.


Safety – Potential reduction in Workers’ Comp. The Kegavator™ can help save companies a significant amount of money per year on workers’ compensation claims due to a huge reduction of repetitive motion injuries in the neck and back. Drivers will no longer be manipulating nearly as many loads which will translate to less keg related injuries.

Selectivity – Eliminates the need for the Keg Shuffle. Select different kegs easily with eight possible brands that are clearly visible (as opposed to four) without having to move the other in order to retrieve the keg of choice.

Flexibility – Easily fits into most beverage trucks and is designed to fit any delivery truck in your fleet.

Productivity – Less fatigue by using proper ergonomic techniques. A driver who expends less energy at the end of the day is safer, happier and more productive; which in turn, promotes a more positive working environment.

Reduce Damage – With the Kegavator™ technology, workers are far less likely to drop or damage kegs as compared to the traditional methods for unloading kegs.

Green Solution – No air, no hydraulics, no electricity required to operate the Kegavator™.