Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile Racking Systems are your solution if you seek the largest possible number of pallets storage locations on your footprint, the most economic storage method is the 1Stop Mobile Racking systems – comprising of single or multi-bay racking mounted on mobile stands. Equipped with motors the racking can then be moved via rail guidance to allow access to every pallet slot whilst utilizing 85% of your available space. The 1Stop Mobile system maximize space by leaving only one open aisle for forklift travel – this system is then controlled by a PLC system, fully customizable to your requirements. Mobile Racking advantages:Mobile Racking Systems

  • Excellent Utilization – Reduced aisle space allows for maximum utilization
  • Flexible – could be fully automated or semi-automated for use with traditional equipment.
  • Safe Operation – protected by access light barriers and emergency stop buttons as well as manual release features, this allow for safe operation of the mobile system.


  • Bulk Storage – this system provides very high capacity compared to other systems.
  • Cold Storage – Mobile is the most cost effective system for cold or temperature controlled warehousing, compact storage & excellent ROI
  • Expansion – an alternative to expansion or relocation, >85% floor utilization

1Stop Mobile Racking systems are driven by 3phase motors with reduction gears that transmit the torque directly to the drive motor that power the wheels, ensuring a smooth operation. Coupled with smart-light technology overall savings are substantial. The units can also be remotely controlled allowing for fast operations. We have designed and installed this system successfully for large fruit and fish exporters, that experience a high seasonal demand for storage space – our system is designed that with only a single command the operator can have access to the required aisle. Call 1 Stop Rack Services for more information on Mobile Racking Systems