Pallet Racking Safety In Your Warehouse Is Of Extreme Importance

When it comes to handling pallet racks, many workers are often put in great danger

Pallet racking safety should always be a top priority in your warehouse. It’s easy for managers to put safety on the back burner, as they instead focus on production and profit. However, the consequences of ignoring pallet handling safety can be catastrophic. Workers should alert managers of any faulty hardware in the warehouse, and managers should act on these defaults immediately. These types of accidents end up being incredibly costly, with government fines, increases in insurance costs, and a slowing down of business. Money consequences aside, your workers’ safety should be your top priority.

The number one consequence of ignoring safety in your warehouse is death. Every year, warehouse workers die or are seriously injured due to overlooked pallet racking damage, which could have been avoided. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5 out of 100 warehouse employees reported workplace related injuries and illnesses in 2014. That same year, 16 warehouse employees died from workplace accidents.

It’s best to stay in compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. If you do not, you not only put your employees in danger, but if an accident occurs then you risk being inspected and hit with fines. In many cases, it’s even best to exceed OSHA standards, especially when it comes to forklift safety. Forklift accidents and dropped materials can be deadly. When it comes to safety, you do not want to cut corners.

The loading dock may be the most hazardous area, which is why it is so essential that your racking system allows for easy throughput. If your warehouse is often polluted with empty containers and pallets, this is creating a huge safety risk. Not only the lift truck drivers, but also the employees on the ground are at risk of serious injury. A fallen pallet or full container can be deadly.

Pallet racking safety needs to be a top priority in your warehouse. It is crucial that all of your pallet racking equipment is up to par. Not only that, it is equally as important that your warehouse logistics are efficient and not putting workers in danger. If accidents are occurring regularly in your warehouse, you need to act now. Let 1Stop help make your warehouse as safe as possible. We are material handling experts that provide rack safety inspections, audits, surveys, and project management solutions.