Do you currently need selective pallet racks, Ohio?

Selective Pallet Racks OhioThank you for visiting our selective pallet racks Ohio page, 1Stop Rack Services offer Selective Pallet Racks in a variety of sizes and configurations. We carry Pallet Racking from companies such as: Interlake Mecalux, Steel King, Wireway Husky, SpaceRak, Hannibal and many more. Selective Pallet Racks Ohio by 1Stop Rack Services carries Structural and Tear Drop style pallet racking configurations.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective Pallet Racks,  are  the most common type of pallet rack systems used today.  Selective Pallet Racks usually come in two styles, a roll formed clip-in (teardrop) or structural (bolt-together).

What is the difference, between tear drop and structural, selective pallet racks?

Tear Drop Selective Pallet Racks – 

The roll formed selective pallet racks are commonly manufactured in a tear-drop style it is called a tear drop since holes on the column of the upright are shaped like a tear drop. When Assembled,  in a warehouse the pallets then rest horizontal on the load beams that are held in place by mounting clips. Because the clips on the teardrop can be quickly moved, the load beams can be easily adjusted to different sizes.

 Structural Selective Pallet Racks

Structural Selective Pallet Rack systems are similar to rolled-formed pallet rack systems except the horizontal load beams are attached to the uprights with bolts and have much greater weight-bearing capacity. The bolt fixings make this form of adjustable racks flexible because they can be  constructed, reconfigured, and dismantled for reuse. Structural Selective pallet racks can also be designed into the structure of the building itself, so the upright columns are simultaneously used to support the roof of the storage facility. These are called Rack Supported buildings or warehouses.

1 Stop Rack Services, works in conjunction with industry leading rolled formed and structural pallet rack manufacturers. This allows us to offer you the most versatile type of bulk storage and warehouse storage racks for pallets and boxes in your selective pallet rack system.

Selective Pallet Rack Advantages:

  • Designed for flexibility and easy access of all pallets.
  • Can accommodate moving beam levels to different levels to accommodate different size pallets.
  • Easy install and re-configure.
  • Available in roll formed or structural steel.
  • We carry and extensive line of accessories for a variety of applications.
  • Designed for high density storage.

Selective Pallet Rack Applications Are Ideal For Product That:

  • Is stacked in multiple levels,
  • Must be accessed efficiently and
  • Can be moved and restocked quickly.

Selective pallet racks are available in numerous pallet rack sizes, capacities, configurations and options. 1 Stop’s in-house design team will work with you to integrate and design any pallet rack system to maximize the space in your warehouse. Selective Pallet Racks Data Sheets: Click to view and complete our Selective Pallet Rack Data Sheet for quoting purpose. Need more information on Selective Pallet Rack for your warehouse? Please fill out thisform and e-mail or fax it back to us. or you can visit our online shopping cart.