In the harsh and unpredictable environments present in most warehouses –An independent professional inspection of racking systems is the best way to reduce your environmental and potential legal risks.

Rack Inspection Services Offered Include:

  • Examining existing systems to the code in force when racking was installed,
  • Estimating remaining in-situ capacity or re-evaluating capacity to modern code,
  • Post failure analysis and expert witness testimony,
  • Materials and welding testing,
  • Signed and sealed calculation packages,
  • Recommendations for general condition and repair,
  • Visual inspection for damage only.

Rack Inspection and evaluation requires more skill and expertise than designing a new system. Rack inspections are performed by Safety and Risk Services, Inc. Rack system evaluations are provided by Dr. Byron J. Daniels, PE, PhD. A renowned industry expert with more than 25 years of experience in the design of steel structures, Dr. Daniels has designed, installed or inspected nearly a billion dollars of racking systems around the world.
Inspection and rack evaluation would question and determine:

  • Who were the manufacturer(s) of the original components?
  • Have the original components been modified?
  • Is there the presence of damage and what is the importance of that damage?
  • Where there any re-locations, re-configurations or other changes to the system since it were initially installed?
  • What was the quality of the installation and subsequent row lean, bolt torque or anchorage issues, floor slab condition?
  • Is the system fit for present purpose (i.e. product being stored and lift equipment).

When required, the steel types and strengths and weld quality can be tested to ASTM standards.


The types of structures inspected include, but are not limited to:  selective pallet rack, deep-reach rack, push-back rack, drive-in rack and drive-through rack, rack-supported mezzanines and conveyor supports, case flow rack, pallet flow rack, cantilever rack, pick tunnels walk-pick modules, floor slabs, cant leg, set-back leg and short leg designs, dock rack furniture rack, GOH, coil storage, ASRS, mini-load and rack supported buildings. Materials included are all structural racking, all roll-formed racking and hybrid systems with mixed structural and roll-formed components.

Please call us or a request a quote.  Pricing can be provided for inspection per location or a package price for multiple locations